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Compassion Sunday is more than an event. It’s you and thousands of others talking to their churches about how the cycle of poverty can be broken…in Jesus’ name. When you register today, you’ll help transform the lives of more children around the world!

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Once you and your church commit to hosting Compassion Sunday, make sure you register so you’ll receive your Event Kit. Not sure how to connect with your church?

What you get in your Event Kit

  1. Posters for your event and a tabletop display
  2. Information sheets and sign-up forms for potential sponsors
  3. An Instruction Guide with a helpful event checklist
  4. A Compassion Sunday T-shirt for you to wear during the event
  5. And much more…

You’ll receive child packets about a week before your event. (Registering your event is the only way to receive child packets from Compassion for your event.) Use the form at left to register your Compassion Sunday.

That’s everything you need to host your Compassion Sunday event!

My Compassion Sunday presentation was to a small town church of 85 people. I expected the response would be low, but 17 kids were sponsored! This served as a lesson not to prejudge the results of a presentation by the size of its audience.

—Clark Duffey