Meet Heunice

This is how you can help transform the lives of children in poverty through child sponsorship ...

See the impact of sponsorship!

A girl with big dreams

In a house made of tarps on stilts above a river of garbage in urban Manila ... lives Heunice.

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Hope's killer


Poverty wages war across the globe. Scarcity. Hardship. Extreme need. It has the power to kill hope … and claims generation after generation as its victims.

This is every day, real life for Heunice and her family. It’s the fight they face. It’s a fight she can’t win alone …

But all it takes is ONE

Heunice is just one face hidden beneath the statistics of global poverty.

But all it takes is one. One Heunice and one child sponsor … to break the cycle of poverty and change a future!

Child sponsorship is …

To boys and girls living in extreme poverty, like Heunice, child sponsorship is:

  • An answered prayer.
  • A promise fulfilled.


Indescribable Joy

Child sponsorship changed everything for Heunice.

It showed her she’s cared for. Valued. Loved. Treasured. And that her life matters!

A New Future

While Heunice’s living situation may not change today. A new tomorrow is within her reach. Sponsorship gave her a future!

You can change the future for more waiting children through Compassion

More children around the world are still waiting.

That’s why Compassion pairs compassionate individuals, like you, with those who are suffering through child sponsorship. Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Sponsorship is the key to end child poverty, reaching the whole child … physically, spiritually, economically and socially.

"Sponsorship will change your life too!"

Watch and find out how!

Say “YES!” to hosting Compassion Sunday and transform the lives of more waiting children!

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What makes Compassion distinct?

As a Christian organization, we’re:

We partner exclusively with local churches, and equip their pastors to meet the real needs of their communities and the poorest of the poor who need their care.
Our commitment to Christ drives us to help local churches minister to the poor, preach the Good News and transform lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Our ministry is focused on the individual child and his or her development, reaching each boy and girl with the Gospel and training them to become a responsible and fulfilled Christian adults.
  • Compassion Sunday made it easy for us to get involved. I was so surprised by how much God would use me to make a difference in the lives of so many children. I'm so glad I did Compassion Sunday!
    Anji Sisler, Chicago, IL