Compassion Sunday 2016

Compassion Sunday is a special day for you and your church to find sponsors for waiting children.

A child is waiting for you! Experience Heunice's story and the impact you can have through Compassion Sunday.

    What is Compassion Sunday and why is it so important?

    Compassion Sunday is a nationwide event involving thousands of sponsors and churches across the country. It's your opportunity to share your heart for children in poverty with the members of your church family. And as a direct result, God can use you to help kids find sponsors and begin a new life filled with hope.

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    Say “YES!” to hosting Compassion Sunday at your church!

    Host Compassion Sunday at your church, and you’ll join thousands of other sponsors in churches across the country, transforming the lives of children in extreme poverty.

    The official date for Compassion Sunday 2016 is April 24, 2016. But you can choose a date that’s right for you.

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    Watch what happened when Mike decided to host a Compassion Sunday at his church...

    Meet Mike
    and hear his story

    Say “YES!” to hosting a Compassion Sunday event and transform the lives of more waiting children!

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    My sponsor is always telling me about the love of God ... I pray that all children get a sponsor like my own.
    Abraham, Ghana Order your FREE Planning Guide
    Compassion Sunday … is going to make a difference in your congregation. They're going to become more like Jesus.
    Pastor Mark Hardacre, Colorado Pastor Resources